Can Amateurs Ever Win In Online Poker Rooms?

‍When it comes to online poker, amateurs often feel like they’re at a disadvantage. After all, pro players have a lot more experience and tend to be much faster thinkers in the heat of competition. To top it all off, professional players have access to private coaches, high-level player strategies, and advanced tools that can read their opponents better than almost anyone else.

Why Pros Might Be At An Advantage

As mentioned earlier, the main advantage that pro players have over amateurs is that they have more experience than almost anyone else at the table. When you’ve been playing poker for years, it’s much easier to recognize patterns, spot basic bluffs, and recall the range of hands that different types of opponents are likely to have.

As an amateur, you can use this to your advantage, though.

Amateurs Have Better Awareness Of Their Environment

Another area where amateurs excel is in the realm of situational awareness. Although professional players are often highly aware of the way their opponents are acting and the types of bets they’re likely to make, amateurs tend to be better at noticing the furniture, other people, and other small details in the room itself.

Amateurs Can Use Tools To Help Them Win

Another big advantage that amateurs have over most pro players is that they can make use of a wide range of tools to help them win. All things being equal, it’s true that a pro who has played poker for 20 years is likely to win more hands than an amateur who has been at the table for 50 hours.

If you think of online poker as a game of chess, it’s helpful to think of hand readers as a chessboard, poker rooms tells apps as the pieces on that board that indicate your next move, and tracking software as the rules of the game itself.

A Word On Detection Tools

Finally, when talking about tools that amateurs can use to win more hands, you should make sure to talk about tools that pro players use to detect amateurs. While it’s true that it’s easier than ever for amateurs to “cheat” by using hand readers or other software, it’s also easier than ever for pros to detect cheating at the table.


Amateurs have their distinct advantages on the virtual poker rooms table, and serious online players need to learn how to use those to their advantage. While it’s true that pro players have several advantages over their amateur counterparts, those same amateurs can make use of tools to even out the playing field and help them win more hands overall.

If you’re serious about competing in online poker as an amateur, it’s important to remember that you have just as much of a chance at winning as anyone else—and that you have plenty of tools at your disposal to help you win even more.